Aran Fawddwy

Located in southern Snowdonia, Aran Fawddwy is a mountain that stands at 905 m (2,969 ft) high, just falling short of the 3000 ft mark.  It is the only peak in Wales outside North Snowdonia above 900 m. At the bottom of the eastern slope is a small lake named Criglyn Dyfi, the source of the River Dyfi.

On the eastern edge of the mountain you’ll find a cairn marking a memorial of where Michael Robert Aspain, a RAF Mountain Rescue member, was tragically killed when he was struck by lightning in 1960.

The route over the Aran Fawddwy is listed as one of the best walks of Snowdonia. Starting in Cwm Cywarch the trail takes you over nearly 3000ft of elevation providing, beautiful, panoramic scenery of rolling hills and deep valleys.

landscapeHeight language Country trip_originRegion
905 m (2,969 ft) Wales Merionethshire
gps_fixedLat/Lng placeGrid Ref mapOS Map
52.78720093,-3.68796470 SH 8626 2240 OL23: Cadair Idris & Bala Lake