A beginner’s guide to bivvying in the wild

The term bivvy or bivi comes from bivouac shelter – a term used to describe any kind of improvised temporary campsite. It is a practise often used by military personal engaged in scouting or when conducting operations out in the field. In civilian terms, it often refers to sleeping out in the open in a […]

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10 of the best, lesser known, long distance walks in Britain

Have you ever thought about taking a really, really long walk? Perhaps you have read up on famous explorers and romanticised about following in their footsteps. Do you want to get out and explore more of the world that we live in? A walk in the countryside along a country lane or even a walk […]

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6 amazing benefits of being surrounded by nature

1. It can keep you mentally healthy and happy With an increasingly demanding working environment, our day-to-day lives seem to be more stressful than ever before. Of course, everyone has different stress triggers – it may be the school run, the daily commute to work, increased working hours, running your own business, living from pay […]

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