Beacon Hill

With a height of 105 m (344 ft), Beacon Hill is the highest point in the county of Norfolk. The hill is part of Cromer Ridge, a ridge of old glacial moraines, thought to have been the frontline of the ice sheet during the last ice age.  

The area is sometimes known as the Roman Camp, although no evidence of Roman occupation has been found on the site. The name is believed to have been concocted by cab drivers during the nineteenth-century to make it more alluring to tourists.  

The hill is located approximately 0.7 miles from the village of West Runton. You can make the ascent to the summit from here.

landscapeHeight language Country trip_originRegion
105 m (344 ft) England Norfolk
gps_fixedLat/Lng placeGrid Ref mapOS Map
52.92580032,1.24684322 TG 1834 4141 252: Norfolk Coast East