Betsom’s Hill

Betsom’s Hill stands at 251 m (823 ft) high and is the highest point in the county of Kent. This hill is part of the North Downs, a ridge of chalk hills located in the south-east of Kent between Westerham and Tatsfield. 

The hilltop is unmarked and access is not open to the public. It is the only county top located on private land. If you wish to visit, permission should be sought from the landowner prior to stepping foot on the land. Despite this inconvenience, the long-distance trail the North Downs Way passes below the summit of the hill.

At one point, Victorian-era citizen’s built a defence fort on the crest of the hill to protect London from foreign invaders crossing the channel. It formed part of the London Defence scheme and acted as a mobilisation centre for volunteer troops as well as an ammunition store.

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251 m (823 ft) England Kent
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51.28879929,0.05373296 TQ 4330 5640 147: Sevenoaks & Tonbridge