Cadair Berwyn

Cadair Berwyn is situated in the north-east of Wales and is the highest point of the Berwyn Range, a sparsely populated area of moorland in Denbighshire. The mountain holds the title of the highest peak outside of Britain’s National Parks.  

You can reach the summit from the parking lot located at Tan-y-pistyll café. Tan-y-pistyll is also home to the spectacular Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, the tallest waterfall in the UK outside of Scotland. A standing stone can be found near to the summit that was re-erected in 2008.  

The location was made famous thanks to an apparent UFO-landing that happened in the area on 23 January 1974. It has subsequently come to be known as the ‘Berwyn Mountain UFO Incident’ and is believed to have been a bright meteor that was widely observed over Wales and northern England at the time.

landscapeHeight language Country trip_originRegion
832 m (2,730 ft) Wales Denbighshire
gps_fixedLat/Lng placeGrid Ref mapOS Map
52.88059998,-3.38099016 SJ 0716 3235 255: Llangollen & Berwyn