Culter Fell

Culter Fell has an elevation of 748 m (2,454 ft). It is the highest point in the county of South Lanarkshire and is the highest out of the Culter Hills, a culmination of ridges that lie to the south of the village Coulter.

Much of the mountain can be accessed via narrow roads and tracks. The easiest ascent can be made from Culter Allers Farm, located to the north-west of the mountain, where a continuously steep climb leads to the top. On a clear day, with good visibility, views stretch between the Cumbrian Lake District to the Scottish Highlands.

landscapeHeight language Country trip_originRegion
748 m (2,454 ft) Scotland Lanarkshire
gps_fixedLat/Lng placeGrid Ref mapOS Map
55.54619980,-3.50272250 NT 0528 2908 336: Biggar & Broughton