High Willhays

Standing at 621 meters (2,039 ft) tall, High Willhays is located on the north-western edge of Dartmoor National Park in Devon. It sits 3 miles south of the town of Okehampton and is the highest point in the UK (south of the Brecon Beacons). Well-maintained roads pass close to the area and there are various parking bays located nearby. You can do a short but steep walk to the summit if desired.

The peak consists of rocky outcrops, the largest of which is marked with a cairn. Please bear in mind that the hilltop does fall within a military firing range – red flags are raised around the perimeter when in use. Active firing days can be checked by visiting the following link: (www.gov.uk/government/publications/dartmoor-firing-programme)

landscapeHeight language Country trip_originRegion
621 m (2,039 ft) England Devon
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50.68510056,-4.01110460 SX 5802 8919 OL28: Dartmoor