Normanby Hill

Normanby Hill, also referred to as Wolds Top, is the highest point in the county of Lincolnshire. It is 167 m (548 ft) high and is situated in the Lincolnshire Wolds, a range of hills running roughly parallel with the North Sea coast.

Normanby le Wold village, home to a delightful small church,
is close to the summit. The Viking Way, a 147-mile walking trail between the Humber bridge and Oakham, passes close to the hilltop. The summit is marked with a trig point, erected in 1936.

landscapeHeight language Country trip_originRegion
167 m (548 ft) England Lincolnshire
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53.45299911,-0.31317732 TF 1211 9646 284: Grimsby, Cleethorpes & Immingham